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Site Response + Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Creating an architectural vocabulary for all four homes that takes cues from the site’s natural setting, topography, and climatic conditions with the extension of the living spaces from inside to outside through the use of the patios, decks, and outdoor rooms that blur the boundaries of living spaces and work in unison with site topography and natural vegetation


California Modern

Inspired and indebted to the mid-century Californian modern vernacular by emphasizing architectural connection to nature, creating spaces with abundant light and transparency, and creating architectural beauty through materials and honest articulation of structure


Sustainable Future

High-tech, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes that are easy to maintain and built to last with architecture that is responsive to solar orientations, adaptable to new sustainable technologies, responsive to rising sea levels, makes use of natural and sustainable materials, and designed with passive cooling + heating strategies


Quiet and Deferential Architecture

The architecture takes ques from Japanese and Scandinavian modernism to articulate simple, well-detailed, and tranquil living spaces designed with clarity of thought that serves as a quiet, peaceful, and deferential backdrop to family life living in a beautiful and rare expansive Bay Area natural setting


Lot 1

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Lot 2


Lot 4

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Beach Lot


Design Team

Architect – Sean Bailey Design, seanbaileydesign.com

Landscape Architect, Lots 1, 2, and 4 – Merge Studios, merge-studio.com

Landscape Architect, Beach Lot – Studio Green, studiogreen.com

Civil Engineer – Sherwood Design Engineers, www.sherwoodengineers.com


Site Plan

Site History



According to 7x7 Magazine, the San Francisco Bay Area is the new American center of creativity and innovation—the destination atop everybody's bucket list. The nexus of ingenuity and progress—with unbeatable views and world-class everything.

Tiburon’s waterfront location makes it a prime destination for Marin County homebuyers. For a town of less than 10,000 residents, Tiburon offers a variety of activities that belies its small size. The annual Tiburon International Film Festival brings films from around the world. Residents enjoy shopping in the elegant boutiques along Ark Row, a leafy, block-long enclave of tiny shops that were once floating arks, and dining at the excellent restaurants along Main Street. For the nautically inclined, Tiburon's Corinthian Yacht Club hosts races on the bay. Ferries to San Francisco and Angel Island State Park leave from the dock at Tiburon. Tiburon's parks are strung out like pearls on a necklace along the water’s edge. Blackie's Pasture, named after an old swaybacked horse that once lived here, is a popular spot for hikers, joggers, bikers, moms with strollers, and dog walkers. On weekends, the parks fill up with soccer players of all ages.

7x7 Magazine’s How To Spend 50 Perfect Hours in Tiburon


Award-Winning Schools

Saint Hilary School, Private K-8 - 0.7 mi

Del Mar Middle School, Public 6-8 - 0.7 mi

Reed Elementary School, Public K-2 - 1.2 mi

Bel Aire Elementary School, Public 3-5 - 1.5 mi

Redwood High School, Public 9-12 - 4.0 mi